Pay Equity Regression Tool

Our Pay Equity Regression Tool (PERT) is a cutting-edge, proprietary tool that Sentinel HR has developed to provide in-depth analysis of pay equity based on individual, and combined personnel characteristics. Highlights of PERT:

  • Customizable based on risk tolerance

  • Identifies outliers within your current payroll practices based on acceptable risk  

  • Customizable based on multiple personnel factors (gender, race, etc.)

  • Can analyze your payroll based on one or more personnel factors

  • Provides easy to read charts for reporting

Partnering with Sentinel HR to analyze your payroll for discrimination non-compliance is a simple 3-step process:

  1. We help you identify required characteristics and risk tolerance to be used for your analysis.

  2. We provide you with a payroll form to fill out for your respective employees.

  3. We utilize our PERT tool and expert analysis to provide you with a detailed report.